Hold your horses. Game of Thrones is not over yet!

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Mahesh Godavarti

This is not the final episode!

D&D are pulling off the biggest coup in television history by selling us a finale that is not really the finale. I will lay out the reasons.

  1. None of the characters seem real.
  2. There is no clever reveal like Sansa turning the tables on Littlefinger in the final episode of S7. There has to be a reveal. All stories lines just played out in a linear fashion with no real twist.
  3. Many plot lines were developed that led nowhere. Many scenes were include in the plot that have no significance and play no role in the outcome in Episode 6.
  4. We see nothing special from Bran other than being bait? And suddenly he is king? Where did he warg to in 8x03? What was he doing?
  5. Jon and Sansa scenes were shot with a lot of sexual tension and suddenly it goes nowhere?
  6. Jon and Dany scenes were similarly shot with no sexual tension and we are supposed to believe that Jon was actually in love with Dany?
  7. Even when Tyrion tells Jon about how Sansa told him the truth about Jon’s parentage, it is still not revealed what exactly Sansa told him. Note that Tyrion still does not say “I know you are the son of Lyanna Stark/Rhaegar Targaryen.” This is intentionally left vague.
  8. D&D did NOT have an “inside the episode” afterwards. Why?

Remember in the movies, when a movie supposedly ends, but there are fifteen minutes still remaining in the movie, so you know it’s not really the ending? To circumvent that, D&D have sold us an ending without giving us the luxury of knowing that this is not really the end.

It will be revealed to us that Episode 6 was either all in Tyrion’s head or one of the many outcomes that Bran was envisioning. This is akin to what was done in the television show: “Person of Interest”. Recall how in “Person of Interest” we are sold an outcome, but it turns out to be just a possible outcome that the AI was simulating. Then we are shown multiple such simulations based on which the AI makes the most optimal decision that leads to the best possible outcome.

I am still sticking with Tyrion is the ultimate baddie. The scene will either cut back to the dragon pit with Tyrion still on trial or cut back to 8x03 when Bran wargs into the ravens to see what the night king is up to.

I have a strong feeling that the real final outcome will occur without the destruction of King’s Landing and the Starks will stop the night king, Dany, and Tyrion before King’s Landing is destroyed. Maybe, even Theon will be saved.

Note that we are constantly left pondering about Bran’s abilities. Why does he not prevent the destruction of King’s Landing? Why are his powers suddenly useless? Game of Thrones showed us Bran’s visions constantly in the previous seasons, but not even one this season? Really? I do NOT buy it.

There is one really long episode still pending. This is not over!