How Qalaxia facilitates questioning

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Sangeetha Pulapaka

Who wants to be a millionaire? Yes, I am referring to the famous television show. In reality though almost everyone I know wants to be one, including myself. But not everyone wins in this show because the questions asked are hard and the answers are not easy to get. But what if we have a game show that says - Who can ask the most questions? This definitely will be an easy one and every contestant who participates in this show will win because as humans we have many questions on our mind all the time.

We at Qalaxia believe that asking good questions is a skill that requires practice, training, and mentoring. If a child (or adult) is placed in an environment that does not encourage active questioning, then that skill will not become an active habit of mind. Asking questions should be a joy and not a burden. Virtually all educators agree that teaching should involve more inquiry-based learning and less fact-based memorization (Committee on a Conceptual Framework for New K-12 Science Education Standards, 2012).  

Qalaxia guides the user to ask the correct question by providing a series of options, to help the user decide the type of question to be asked. There are also sample questions displayed to each option selected to make the process easier. An audio file or a video can also be attached to the question to make the question more relevant. The most important feature in this questioning process is the anonymity. Questions can be both asked and answered anonymously. We believe this allows the user to speak without fear of repercussion. For example how many of us have wondered in our teens what our career should be? This question was asked anonymously on Qalaxia by a young user, to which there was many a spirited answer.  The user/student also gets to decide whether the question can be viewed by the public or if only a select few members of his class/circle can view. These questions are then answered by qualified experts within an hour.

We at Qalaxia believe that at the end of the day, that if we assist at least one student to get the confidence to open up and ask more questions - such a day is a day well spent.