Mundane to Marvellous

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Sangeetha Pulapaka

Why is tackling math easy for some of us, and for others it is not? Why is it that sometimes in the middle of a tough problem we feel that we are in a horror flick, where you see an exit door, but we cannot get to reach it?

Math to me was one of the tough subjects to deal with as a student. It may have been because the part which was responsible for the logical thinking and reasoning (that is what the experts say) was asleep. There were the other subjects like geography (with maps), history (with maps and dates) and English (with prose and poetry) were acceptable. Maps were interesting and fun to mark, history though outdated was interesting, because I felt it was cool to know or calculate the number of years the old guy lived or find out who won the war. English prose was a collection of short stories and in poetry there were lines that rhymed. So I guess the reasonable thinking part is wrong! I could take a chance in maps; I could shift the Sahara Desert a few centimeters to the right or left without anyone being the wiser, or move Damascus closer to Jerusalem. I could fill in one or two words of my choice in poetry without changing the context. But unfortunately, there is no mid-way in Math. Your answer is either right or wrong!

How to make math less mundane:

Make learning a two-way street: Let us give the students an educational platform to exchange ideas, clear up their doubts with educators or friends on a daily basis even when not at school, so no question is left unasked and no problem is left unsolved.

Student-friendly practice tests: Create revision tests so the students can attempt to assess what they learnt daily or weekly. Practice tests which have explanations, to help the students arrive at the solutions on their own. Tests in which the student's answer does not get labeled wrong and where there is only one approach - a correct one.


This I believe will make the student feel math to be less of a duel, and hopefully a cool friend to hang out with.