Pledging 1% of Your Time Has Become a Lot Easier

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Mahesh Godavarti

Qalaxia and Pledge 1% have partnered to make it convenient for existing members and new members of the Pledge 1% community to pledge and fulfill 1% of their time at their leisure from home or office by helping provide the best answers to student-questions posted online.

Pledge 1% members can help solve a pressing problem via ten-minute bite-sized chunks. Many students leave their questions unasked because they are afraid of ridicule by peers, are concerned that they are wasting their teachers’ time, or do not have access to experts at home who can answer. Qalaxia changes that. Qalaxia, a Pledge 1% partner and an NSF funded startup, is working to ensure that no student question goes unasked. Qalaxia provides schools, afterschool programs and non-profit organizations that are working with underprivileged students with a free online student Q&A service that provides a safe environment and answers students questions on topics ranging from homework to career choices.

Many companies can only afford to start in the Pledge 1% community by pledging 1% of their time (1% of a 40 hour week is just 20 minutes!). Even this can be burdensome for early-stage startups looking for opportunities to give back to the community. Qalaxia changes that. With Qalaxia, members who are pressed for time can make a meaningful impact in students’ lives by doing it whenever and wherever they can find ten minutes in their calendar. Qalaxia’s downloadable reports also make it easy for members to measure their impact.

To learn more about Pledge 1% or to see how you can participate, visit pledge1percent.org or email the team at members@pledge1percent.org.

To learn more about Qalaxia and how to give 1% of your time in bite-sized ten minute chunks visit qalaxia.com, or email Raji at r@qalaxia.com.