The need for a change

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Like any young person in India, I believe that a substantial part of my life was spent in a classroom learning skills that are not useful in the real world. I never hated school as I understood that education is a necessary element to future success to ensure a well-paying job which would make my financial life secure.  This enabled me to be an educational sponge in high school absorbing everything that was taught to me. I got straight A’s but I often wondered at the end of the day, what have I really taken away?

Memorization is paramount to achieving top grades in reputed institutions too. Even in the practical labs students use a “cookbook” approach to experimental tasks, following a step- by-step laboratory manual to reach a predetermined goal. This is one of the major reasons behind why Indian institutions don’t make it to the top 100 universities in the world.(1)

The curriculum in schools and colleges need a major upgrade, as it continues to restrict out-of-the-box thinking, leaving little or no room for innovation within the classroom. The problem is that many young learners today, are used to literally and metaphorically—“changing the channel” whenever they lose interest in whatever is before them. Any nation needs an education system that excites and stimulates students, providing them with the learning they need and deserve - to fulfill their potential.(2)

Educators should build a new learning curriculum that allows students to make mistakes and learn from them to develop something better. We need a curriculum which will engage a student to build an honest curiosity about the things they are studying. A quality curriculum maximizes the potential for the effective enhancement of learning by ensuring that learning extends beyond mere memorization. (3).




Albert Calderon
is change a good or bad thing