What makes Qalaxia unique

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Sangeetha Pulapaka

Students' questions serve useful functions for learners; they are also helpful to teachers in prompting, reflective thought and student engagement. Students' questions provide insights into their knowledge, understanding, and puzzlement, and act as a window into their minds. Thus, for the teacher, such questions can diagnose students' understanding by revealing the quality of students' thinking and conceptual understanding (White & Gun stone, 1992)

In the traditional, one-size-fits-all learning model, teachers are responsible for everything that happens in the classroom, but in Qalaxia, students experience multiple learning modalities originating from multiple sources. Sometimes they will connect with a teacher online to learn something, and other times they’ll work with another teacher/expert to understand a concept. Qalaxia creates opportunities for teachers to work in teams in the same learning environment. Our goal is to provide informal learning options to unburden the teacher’s role. What makes us unique is we promotes student engagement by getting to know the dynamics of a student and personally respond to each such student.


On top of this we are accessible and respond to students questions in a timely manner. Machine learning algorithms and data mining techniques have been used to reduce the burden on teachers. Qalaxia also provides a platform for communication for teachers, students, and even parents. Unlike in a classroom parents can see what their child is learning. Instead of teachers filling out a test report manually, this app makes it super easy to show where their child is at in class at learning. The parent can connect with a child and monitor their progress.


It also gives teachers gaining insights on students' learning and questions. More and more children are using the internet to search for answers. Qalaxia is unique because it is the only search engine and Q&A platform combination that provides analytic insights to teachers. And if you think about it, this is actually helpful–a rare opportunity for transparency into the mind of a student. It’s like the entire classroom in just one app. Teachers and students can use this app on either their smartphone or tablet. It's also perfect for managing homework. What better way to teach students of 50 states in the United States and the rest of the world?