A career in animation or cartooning

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I will be a junior in high school starting in Fall 2018. I am looking to have a career in cartooning/animation. I am looking for advice from peers with similar interest and high-school graduates who have gained admission into art schools. Specifically, what courses should I take and what GPA should I maintain to get into a good art school? I am looking to get into a good public school anywhere in the US. I am not sure if my parents can afford a private art school. I have not won any art competitions. I feel I am a good artist though with primary interest in drawing cartoons. I have completed my high school graduation requirements in math. I find math and programming difficult. Do I need these to get into an animation program? Will my cartooning skills be more than sufficient? The career and counseling center does not answer my question about what courses and GPA I should have on my high-school transcript to get into an art school. Please advise!