Step 1:  Read and underline all the important information.

Step 2: Construct an imaginary figure using the given data


Step 3: Prove that the triangles are similar

             NOTE:   \angle   B =   \angle \ angle D = 90

           When shadows are cast by sun which is very very far (infinitely), they are

           parallel and triangles formed by shadow and vertical object are similar.

         Therefore height of flagpole and its shadow will be proportional to building,

         whose height is say h

Step 4: Find the height of the building

            NOTE:   \triangle ABE ~ \triangle CDE

                         So,   \frac{AB}{BE} = \frac{CD}{DE}

                                 \frac{h}{24} = \frac{4}{6}

                                 h = \frac{4 * 24}{6}

                                         h = 16 m