A nutritionist wants to see if there is a relationship between the amount of calories in some food items on a restaurant menu and the number of carbohydrates in them.

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She creates a scatter plot to show the relationship between amount of calories in menu items and the number of carbohydrates in those items. The correlation coefficient for the line of best fit is 0.74.

  1. Are the two variables correlated? Explain your reasoning.
  2. Does either of the variables cause the other to change? Explain your reasoning.

Sangeetha Pulapaka
  1. Yes, they are correlated. This is evident from the correlation coefficient given. The correlation coefficient determines the strength of the correlation between the two variables. So, there exists a correlation or a mutual relationship between the two variables.
  2. There exists a positive correlation between the two variables The correlation coefficient is 0.74, this means that it is a strong positive correlation, between the variables. So, the increase in the number of carbohydrates resulted in an increase in calories. So yes, the change in  one of the variables causes the other variable to change.