Algebra Question

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Hanna Owens
The formula is: 2x = 3x^(2) So I calculated this to 2 = 3x by dividing by x So then dividing by 3 -> 2/3 = x But i don't know how to calculate that x is also 0.
Vivekanand Vellanki
When you divided 2x=3x^2 by x, you made an implicit assumption that x \ne 0. What happens if x=0? You are dividing both sides by 0 which is undefined. First remember this, a quadratic equation (where the exponent is 2) has 2 solutions. You found one. The other way of doing this is the following: 1. Move 2x to the RHS to get 0=3x^2 - 2x 2. Take x common in the RHS to get 0=x(3x-2) If the product of two numbers is 0, one of them (or both) must be 0. This leads to 2 solutions, x = 0 or 3x-2 = 0