Angel Investors

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Shubhanan Kulkarni

I have a business idea which I feel can really go far over a period of time, however, obviously it will need patenting, funding, and other things obviously. If I wanted to get started on trying to make this idea a reality, where do I start?

Vivekanand Vellanki

Starting up is tough, but worthwhile journey. Taking an idea to become reality is a long journey.

Before you think of investors (Angel investors or otherwise), a good starting point would be the following:

  • Can you convince your parents (or uncles/aunts) to invest in your idea?
  • Can you convince some of your friends to work with you on your idea?

Making the idea work needs money and people. All of this needs convincing - you need to convince a whole lot of people to either give you their hard earned money, or you need to convince people to work on your idea.

I would suggest start on the process of convincing people. Your parents (or uncles/aunts) and friends will ask you enough questions to make you think about other things.

Shubhanan Kulkarni
I understand. Thank you very much! This was very insightful and helpful!