Mahesh Godavarti

Interesting question.

I am guessing your question is arising from the recent strides in computer graphics. Although, computer graphics have been awesome in rendering almost real and life-like versions of dinosaurs and possibly mammals, they are still a long way off from recreating humans. We have also made great strides in animating human-like creatures like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies using what is called a motion capture suit.

However, when it comes to creating actual humans, we are currently in what is called the uncanny valley.

In addition, To replace an actor completely, not only do we need to synthesize their visual form, but we also need to synthesize their speech. Human cannot tolerate computerized speech. That is why, even for animation movies you have voice actors lending their voice to the characters.

Finally, once we are done rendering a human perfectly both visually and aurally, we are still left with emoting. We might still end up relying on motion capture suits to accurately recreate human emotions.

In summary, we are a long long way from actors becoming obsolete.


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