Sangeetha Pulapaka

This is like the other question you asked - why do we laugh when we hear a joke and not when we hear some bad news. The joke being funny or not depends on the individual, the same way finding a language hard or easy varies with an indvidual's interest to learn new things or his/her cognitive skills.Each learner is different  I believe you, like many other children your age,  find english to be easy since you have been speaking in this language ever since your childhood. But learning a language is more than just reading or writing . It also means to use correct grammar. English grammar is extensive! I have a hard time deciding where I have to put a colon , a hypen or a semicolon. The correct usage of words in a sentence, for example: (should I have put a colon there?)

Incorrect: An important part of my life have been the people who stood by me.

Correct: An important part of my life has been the people who stood by me

Well. I did not know that!

So, a difficult or an easy language depends on

  1. How close the new language is to the language you know
  2. The number of hours you can spend everyday to learn it
  3. Your motivation  (this alone does not help though if you do not have low retention)
  4. Finally, how really difficult the language truly  is

So, here is the link to the easiest and hardest languages