Step 1: Recall the conditions of the congruent figures

            NOTE: Congruent shapes have the same size and shape. In congruent

            shapes, all pairs of corresponding angles are congruent and all pairs of

            corresponding sides are congruent.  

Step 2: Make sure that the corresponding angles are congruent or not.

            NOTE:  Look at the angles. There is no angle in the left shape

              congruent to X in the right shape. So, the shapes are not congruent.

                       \angle K ≅  \angle W,

                         \angle J ≅  \angle V

                         \angle X \neq  \angle  W

                        \angle I \neq  \angle  Y


Step 3: Look at the sides. Check all the corresponding sides are congruent or not.

            EXAMPLE: WV ≅ IH , and  VY ≅ IJ,  are we know

Step 4: Conclude that the given figures are congruent if shapes have the same size and shape.

              NOTE: Corresponding angles and sides are congruent, the

               shapes are congruent.

              EXAMPLE: Given figures not congruent