Mia Perales-Miranda

Yes, because lightning can kill you

Dylan Lostaunau
no because you either wont get hit or become the flash.
Daniel Shiva
the chances of being hit by lightning is 1 in 700,000. So yes and no because either you die, or become the flash. lololololol
Sangeetha Pulapaka

Lightning is a major cause of storm related deaths in the U.S. A lightning strike can result in a cardiac arrest (heart stopping) at the time of the injury, although some victims may appear to have a delayed death a few days later if they are resuscitated but have suffered irreversible brain damage.

According to the NWS Storm Data, over the last 30 years (1988-2017) the U.S. has averaged 45 reported lightning fatalities per year. Only about 10% of people who are struck by lightning are killed, leaving 90% with various degrees of disability. More recently, in the last 10 years (2007-2017), the U.S. has averaged 28 lightning fatalities.

Lightning is a discharge of 100 MV, an intensity of 30 KA and a temperaure of 27,000°C, hotter than the surface of the sun. As there are 100 of them per second, the energy of lightning has an enormous planetary potential. The instant equivalent of a nuclear power plant with four phases, and without any nuclear waste, what is advantageous. This counting only the lightnings that hit the ground. So yes, you do not have to be afraid of lightning, you should just avoid it. Meet the man who got struck by lightning 7 times