Sangeetha Pulapaka

The desire of students to study and settle abroad for better education and a better job has tremendously increased a lot over the years. The main reason is that there  is a overseas educational consultancy in every nook and corner in Hyderabad. What students should understand is, they need not waste their money by joining in such consultancies to secure a seat in a good school. Here are the things you can do.

1.Get the ranking of universities by going through these free links


For engineering schools -

  For MBA schools-

2.Take your GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL tests well in advance, so your test scores will be ready before you apply.

3.Every university's website has clear instructions on what courses they offer, fees, financial aid, their GPA requirements, etc. Take out time and go through them.

4.Letter of recommendations from professors/supervisor at work can make or break an application. So make sure that you approach the right person for this job. Most universities ask for 3 letters and some consider only one. As mentioned before you can get this basic information once you go through the universities websites,

5, Your statement of purpose/ personal statement also plays a very important role in strengthening your applcation. Browse the net for some previous samples of SOP/s. The best people to help you with this is a trusted friend who has already applied or a family member. Do not use your GRE vocabulary in writing this. The universities want to know only three things.

a. Why do you want to pursue this course?

b. Will you think you will be successful?

c. Where do you see in five years after you graduate? Do you want to take up a job, or do you want to do research?

Do not lie on your SOP's because remember the people who go through your application have gone through several before. You cannot just say you are inclined towards research without mentioning some projects you have done under the guidance of a professor. So write in a clear, simple, honest language. Do not use words like passion, born to suceed, will not take a no for an answer etc. Be polite.

I believe if you want to do something properly, it is better to take out time and do it yourself.Since career is very important and a good school makes all the difference, it is better to plan a year in advance. Still if you want to entrust your career in the hands of an agent, here are some of the many educational consultants in Hyderabad. Good luck!