Step 1: Understand the given hints in the question and note down the given


Step 2: Find the center and radius of the circle

          Skill 1:  Compare the given equation with the Standard Form of circle


                  EXAMPLE: (x-5)^2+\left(y-3\right)^2=9

                [FORMULA: Compare it with (x - h)^2 + (y - k)^2 = r^2

              Where center (h, k) and radius r Identify the r, h and k values.

                                    (h, k) = (5, 3), r=3

Step 3: Construct a circle on the coordinate plane (xy-plane)  

Step 4: Plot the point (origin or any other point) on the coordinate plane.

Step 3: Construct a line that is tangent to a point on the circle and passes through the origin or any given point.

            EXAMPLE: Therefore, the center is located at(5, 3) and the radius is three.

                              Plotting the circle and tangent line to the origin or any point.