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  When it comes to telekinesis (psychokinesis), there’s a plethora of tricks that magicians use to give the illusion that their moving objects with their minds, from magnets to static electricity, to invisible thread, or even simple sleight of hand. But what about the self-proclaimed psychics who don’t admit to using magic tricks. The ones claiming that it’s all real.

While supernatural and psychic claims date back to antiquity. The history of Psychokinesis (or PK) really took off in the 1800s. With the invention of photography and the widespread distribution of photographic hoaxes via newspaper, charlatans began popping up left and right and simultaneously, skeptic debunkers emerged, swatting them down one by one. During the Cold War people were losing their britches over the Commies’ military capabilities. So you can imagine how the public fascination with PK exploded from the media stir over the Soviet military investigating psychic warfare. First and foremost among the alleged psychics was Nina Kulagina, who claimed to be able to move objects with her mind, even objects inside closed containers.

And while numerous magicians have been able to physically replicate her feats, unfortunately, she died in 1990, and because she lived in the Soviet Union, she was never properly tested under adequate scientific controls. And I’m sorry, but to anyone who thinks that the Soviet Union was a bastion of scientific standards, just google “Lysenkoism.”

Was any of this actually possible, though? Initial tests by British physicist, Dr. John Taylor seemed to support the existence of telekinesis. He received positive test results of children bending spoons and paper clips. But after setting up a two-way mirror and secretly filming the test, he discovered they were bending the objects by hand when they thought no one was looking.

In the early 80s, James Hydrick was seen as the world’s greatest practitioner of telekinesis, moving pencils, turning pages, and even rotating a psi wheel inside of a glass container - all without touching the objects. He was exposed on live TV by James Randi, and after the Magician Danny Korem was able to naturally replicate all of his feats, Hydrick eventually confessed to being a fraud.

Around the same time, Psychokinetic spoon bending became a craze with Uri Gellar claiming that anyone could melt metal and bend spoons with their mind. He too, was exposed multiple times. Eventually the Skeptic Society was able to get their hands on some cutlery allegedly bent psycho-kinetically and examined it in a lab. Under a microscope they discovered that the spoons had been bent with a mechanical force rather than via heat.

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Do not try and bend the spoon, instead only try to realize the truth...The MATRIX see this

No,it is not possible as the mind only controls the body and cannot interact with other outside objects.

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