Consider the following scenario. The company that created a popular video game “Leaders” plans to release a significant upgrade of the game. Users earn or lose points for making decisions as the leader of an imaginary country. In most cases, repeated playing of the game improves a user’s ability to make decisions. The company will launch an online advertising campaign, but at the moment, they are not sure how to focus the advertising. Your goal is to help the company decide how they advertise.

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1.Why might the company be interested in developing different videos based on user score?

2.Thirty female users and twenty-five male users were selected at random from a database of people who play the game regularly. Each of them agreed to be part of a research study and report their scores.  A leadership score is based on a player’s answers to leadership questions. A score of 1 to 40 is considered a beginning level leadership score, a score of 41 to 60 is considered a middle level leadership score, and a score of greater than 60 is considered an advanced level leadership score.

Use the following data to make a dot plot of the female scores, a dot plot of the male scores, and a dot plot of the scores for the combined group of males and females.

3.     What do you think is a typical score for a female user? What do you think is a typical score for a male user?  Explain how you determined these typical scores.

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Step 1: Recall on how to make a dot plot


Make a dot plot from the table of values given

Step 3: Find the typical score of the female user and the male user

When the distribution is skewed median will be a better estimate to find the typical score and when the distribution is symmetric the mean  or mode will be a better estimate to find the typical score. Since the dot plot for the female score is skewed we find the median,

Recall  how to find the median from un grouped data


Finding the median for the typical score of the female user from the data given

Count the number of females. Since we have an even number 30, the median will be the average of the 15th and the 16th number. This will be \frac{65+65}{2} which is 65.

Since the dot plot for the males is symmetric, the mean/mode will give us a better estimate of the typical score. Recall on how to find the mean from un grouped data.


Recall how to find the mode from the un grouped data.


Since the number 30 repeats the most number of times the mode is 30. This means the typical score for the male user is 30.