Convert the following degree measure into radians: 120 degrees. 200 degrees. 360 degrees. 150 degrees.

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I'm not sure how to solve this problem.

Sangeetha Pulapaka

Radians are alternate units used to measure angles in trigonometry. Just as it sounds, a radian is based on the radius of a circle. One radian is the angle created by bending the radius length around the arc of a circle.

We know that the degree of a circle is 3600.

The circumference of the circle is 2 \pi radians

So, 360 ^\circ= 2\pi radians

  Dividing it with 2 on both sides,  

180 ^\circ= \pi radians

120 ^\circ  = \frac{2\pi}{3} radians

200^\circ = \frac{10}{9}\pi