Sangeetha Pulapaka

Tyres are made of rubber, but the color of the rubber is white. Once upon a time, once marketed the tires with the natural color of the rubber, which is white. Then Binney and Smith found a formula in the form of carbon black and chemicals sold to Goodrich Tire Company in the 1900s. Since then, the carbon black was shown to significantly improve the quality of tires.It is said, the tires are made with a mixture of carbon black has proven more robustness, such as a 50 percent increase resistance to abrasion due to friction and improve traction.In addition, carbon black is also able to allocate the heat to a certain point; belt and tire tread. Practically, this makes the tire damage due to heat can be reduced and tire life.In addition to have an advantage in terms of technical, black tire creates the impression of a clean and smooth rubber tires rather than white. Though, white tires are still traded for lovers of classic cars.

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