Don't mean to bother but...

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Sorry for the repeated questions, but when will you be putting up Playstation gift cards in the rewards store? I was wondering because the weekend is getting nearer and it would be really awesome if I could play with a little extra cash. Again, I don't mean to bother, but I just really am looking forward to this! Thanks Mahesh!
Mahesh Godavarti

I will definitely put these up. However, I would like you to do the following before then:

  1. Post 10 good homework questions (one from each one of you) that you need help with (it has to be an actual question and can be on any topic in either Math or Physics)
  2. All 10 of you should practice all of Craig's study sets
  3. get 10 of your friends to like Qalaxia's Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/qalaxia
  4. Share your homework question and the responses on your own Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat account

Since Qalaxia is a very helpful and resourceful site, I will encourage my friends to spread the word and have other people use Qalaxia.