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Manomay Shravage

Who was the  god of knowledge in Egypt? Which animal did he represent?

Ramanath Parimi

In Egyptian mythology, there are multiple gods associated with knowledge or wisdom.


Neith is a goddess which gets associated with wisdom sometimes. She was an early ancient Egyptian deity and said to be the first and the prime creator, who, created all of the universe and how to functions. She rules the universe as well.

She bears war goddess symbols with shield on her head. In lower Egypt, she depicted to be waring a red crown.

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An ancient god, originally a moon -deity but later became god of knowledge or wisdom. He is also scribe of the gods. He was depicted to be ibis or baboon headed. In mythology, he was responsible for maintaining the Universe but in later history, he associated with arts of magic, system of writing , the sciences development etc.

Ref - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thoth


In Egyptian mythology, Sia was deification or god-ification of intellectual energies. He also represents things like perception, knowledge or cognisance.

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Seshat was female counterpart of Thoth and also a scribe of gods. She was the goddess of knowledge, wisdom and writing. She was also identified as the goddess of various things such as mathematics, architecture, astronomy, astrology, building and surveying etc. She was depicted with leopard skin.

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She was the goddess of marriage, wisdom, health and magic. She was one of the most worshiped Egyptian deities.

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Serapis was the god of after-life, healing and fertility stuff. He was popular in Roman empire as well. In history, he was replaced  as  the consort of Isis.

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