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mcq on units and measurements class 11 pdf

Select_Question: submit. (c) M-1L-2TA-1 Physical quantities are WHAT IS PHYSICS? ... Notes for units and measurements chapter of class 11 physics. (b) FAT2 (C) … ... as the system of units. NCERT Exemplar Problems Maths Physics Chemistry Biology. ... Units, Dimensions, Measurment and Vectors MCQ Practice Sheet.

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Since a dimensionless quantity can be large or small in comparison to any normal reference, the given statement is valid. The coefficient of friction, for example, has no dimensions. The coefficient of sliding friction is higher than the coefficient of rolling friction but lower than the coefficient of static friction.

(a) In contrast to a soccer ball, an atom is a very small entity.

(b) A jet plane travels at a faster rate than a bicycle.

(c) Jupiter's mass is enormous in comparison to the mass of a cricket ball.

(d) The air within that room contains a greater number of molecules than the air in a geometry box.

(e) A proton has a higher mass than an electron.

(f) The speed of sound is slower than that of light.