Vivekanand Vellanki

Calcium is probably easier than potassium. I myself don't know the importance of potassium - so, you have a tough task on your hands.

Regarding calcium, growing up I saw my grandmother and most older women with a hunched back. They also had a fear of falling and breaking bones - we took precautions at home to avoid such falls. I was told that this is due to weak bones caused by calcium deficiency - that helped me understand the importance of calcium.

On the flip side, I feel elementary school children can get easily influenced (by adults who are not their parents). They also lack the discretion to understand what's serious and what's not.

My son (4th grader) has been strongly influenced by this YouTuber called (FitTuber). He saw videos about chemical additives to food. He is now talking about avoiding food items like bread and ice cream.