Step 1: If possible take the common of the either variables or constant, and both from all the terms in the equation

EXAMPLE: x^3\ -6x^2\ +\ 9x

                  x(x^2\ -\ 6x\ +\ 9x)

Step 2: Solve the quadratic equation

Skill 1: Write the equation in the correct form. In this case, we need to set the equation equal to zero with the terms written in descending order.

Skill 2: Use a factoring strategies to factor the problem.

NOTE: Make a list of possible factor pairs with a product of "a*c", and then find the one with a sum of "b".

EXAMPLE: z^2 - 20z + 19

                  ax^2+\ bx\ +\ c

                  ac = -19

                      b = - 20

The factors -1 and 19 have  some of -20

Skill 3: Use the Zero Product Property and set each factor containing a variable equal to zero.

Skill 4: Solve each factor that was set equal to zero by getting the x on one side and the answer on the other side.

Step 3: Note down all the factors