Sangeetha Pulapaka

Step 1: Recall what is a polynomial.

The first thing to do when provided with two polynomials that are to be multiplied is to set up the grid, with the terms from one of the polynomials across the top row, and the terms from the other down the leftmost column.

Step 2: Recall the rules of exponents.

Each term is multiplied.

,Multiply x^{1} \times x^{1} = x^{1+1} = x^{2}.

Multiply two variables

Multiply x\times 2 = 2\times x

Multiply -1\times x = -x

Multiply -1\times 2 = 2

Step 3: Recall what a polynomial expression is

Diagonal terms are subtracted to get the middle term of the polynomial expression

Step 4: Write the remaining diagonal terms in the grid to get the polynomial expression

x^{2} + x - 2