Step 1: Group all the algebraic terms together on one side and group all the numeric terms together on the other side of the inequality.

Step 2: Recall the rules of manipulating Inequalities to simplify inequalities

           Rule 1: Adding or subtracting the same quantity from both sides of an  inequality leaves the inequality symbol unchanged.

           Rule 2: Multiplying or dividing by a positive number leaves the inequality symbol unchanged.

           Rule 3:  Multiplying or dividing by a negative number reverses the inequality sign.

                        EXAMPLE: > changes to <, and vice versa.

           Rule 4: Inverting fractions reverses the inequality sign.

                           EXAMPLE: \frac{2}{5}\ <\ \frac{2}{3}\ =\ \frac{5}{2}\ >\ \frac{3}{2}

Step 3: Apply the inverse operations to simplify inequality