Sangeetha Pulapaka

STEP 1: Recall what is the slope of a line.

STEP 2: Recall what is the y-intercept

The y-intercept is the y-coordinate of the point where the graph crosses the y-axis. If a line crosses the y-axis at the point (0, y), then y is the y-intercept. In slope-intercept form (y = mx + b), the y-intercept is b and the slope is m.

STEP 3: Recall the slope-intercept form

STEP 4: Write the slope and the y-intercept

The equation is given in slope-intercept form y = mx+ c

Since the equation given is y = \frac{1}{3}x + 2

The slope is \frac{1}{3} and the y-intercept is 2.