From the past six months Mr. Harrison has been on a strict diet plan and having a physical every month.He has had a lot of success since his weight has been reducing constantly every month.

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The functionf(x)  gives the weight of Mr.Harrison in kilograms when he visited the clinic recently.

What does f(6)<f(5) mean?

a. Between two monthly physicals, Mr. Harrison put down weight

b. Between two monthly physicals,Mr. Harrison put down one kilogram

Sangeetha Pulapaka

The function f(x) gives us Mr. Harrison's weight at x months. So f(6) tells us his weight at 6 months of diet and f(5) tells us his weight at 5 months of diet. The inequality f(6)<f(5) tells us Mr. Harrison's weight at 6 months is less than his weight at 5 months.

So, between two monthly physicals, Mr.Harrison put down weight. The option a is correct.

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