Sangeetha Pulapaka

STEP 1: Recall the point-slope form of a line

The point slope form of a line is given by

y-y_{1} = m(x - x_{1})

Comparing this with the given equation

y+ 4 = -\frac{5}{2}(x-2)

We get one set of points (2,-4) and the slope as \frac{-5}{2}

STEP 2: Graph the function

Recall how to plot the slope of a line when one point is given

Mark these points on the coordinate axis

Now plot the slope of the line

Since the slope is given as \frac{-5}{2}, we move 5 spaces down and 2 spaces to the right and plot the second point

Join these points to get a straight line.

This is how you graph the given function

Further skills you may want to recall:

How to plot a point on the coordinate plane

What is the slope of a line