Graphing equation with fractions

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I"m still a little bit confused on how to graph the slope when its a fraction for some reason I always get it wrong
Mahesh Godavarti

METHOD 1: Let's say you are trying to graph y = \frac{2}{3} x + 5 .

What you would like to do is find points on the line that are easy to graph on a grid (usually whole numbers).

To graph a line, you need two points. So, choose two integer values of x that result in integer values of y .

Since \frac{2}{3} is multiplying x then we choose values of x that are multiples of 3 . Both 0 \text{ and } 3 are multiples of [math]. Therefore, the two points on y = \frac{2}{3} x + 5 are (0, 5) and (3, 7) .

Once you have the two points, simply join them to get the straight line of interest.

I will share other methods subsequently.