Heat Property

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Aryan Chopdar
By heating the glass, will it break ? If yes, Support your answer.
Yes, I agree with you. If you heat the glass, it will break. Here I have given an explanation. I used the hot water to heat the glass. Glass (drinkware) is made up of glass (material) with a certain amount of thickness. When you pour hot water into a glass (which is at room temperature), the inner layer of the glass will absorb heat. When a material absorbs heat, it expands. Glass is no exception to that. (i.e. The inner layer of the glass will expand.) Since glass is not a good conductor of heat, the conduction of heat through the glass layer is slow. Hence, the inner layer of the glass is hot while the outer layer is still relatively cold. This temperature difference will cause the inner layer of the glass to expand significantly more than the outer layer. This difference in the amount of expansion exerts a tremendous amount of pressure on the outer layer. If the glass is unable to hold up against the large pressure, the glass will crack. The magnitude of the temperature difference between the inner and outer layers will determine the likelihood of the glass cracking. If the water is really hot, the glass will definitely crack.
Sathvik Vatti
It will break of we will heat as it s particles get separated due to heat