Sangeetha Pulapaka

As far as food expiration dates go, the general psychology is "best before" dates  only exist because it is a marketing stratergy by the food industry. According to the self-designated experts, food can also be used after the best before days, if there are no signs of fungus (as in bread/cheese) or if there are no visible signs of insects crawling in your pantry.

There are some factors that affect the expiry date as temperature, humidity and direct sunlight, the condition of the storage and food safety may actually have more to do with the habits at home than with the dates on the packaging, but to have safe foods at their best, is to stick to the printed expiration dates. We do need to follow the expiration date in a tetra pack of milk and other frozen products.

A best-before date is used for shelf-stable foods such as biscuits and confectionery, frozen foods and most raw food (meat, chicken, fish) that will be cooked before being eaten. These foods can still be eaten safely after the date marked on them, but they may no longer be at their best in flavour or nutritional benefit.Shops are allowed to sell food past a best-before date. Food with a shelf-life of more than two years does not have to carry any date stamp.

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