How can I cure my cold?

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My cold seems to have started fairly recently, just yesterday. I have been experiencing constant sneezing, aching, and what appears to be a fever.
The weather has changed from summer to rainy season so people tend to catch a cold. Take it easy because when you’re sick, your body works hard to fight off the infection. It needs more energy than usual. Make rest your top priority. Stay home from work or school, and put your daily routine on hold until you feel better. I know of a natural tip to cure a cold. Boil the water up to 100-degree centigrade. In that temperature, the water is converted into the water-vapor state. While water is boiling add the eucalyptus plant leafs. Take the boiled water vessel and cover that with a blanket. The blanket holds the vapor. Cover yourself with the blanket and inhale the hot vapor for up to 10 minutes. This hot vapor goes inside through the nose and kills the virus. Tip 2: This tip gives you relief for some time. When you're sleeping you are unable to inhale because your nose is stuck with mucus. That time hold and apply a little pressure on the nose wall for some time and take a breath through the mouth. After some time, leave the walls and take a breath. Now you can breathe normally.