Step 1: Draw pair of two straight, intersecting tangent lines onto the circle. 

NOTE: You will end up with four tangent lines forming a parallelogram or a rough rectangle.

Step 2: Draw the diagonals of the parallelogram.

Step 3: The intersection point of the diagonals is a center of the circle


Step 1: Draw any two non parallel chords

Step 2: Sketch the perpendicular bisectors of the chords.

Step 3: The intersecting point of the two perpendicular bisectors is the center of the



Step 1: Draw a circle.


Step 2: Sketch a chord between two points.

            NOTE: A chord is a straight line segment that links any two points along

            the edge of a curve.

Step 3: Draw a second chord.

          NOTE: This line should be parallel and equal in length to the first chord.

Step 4: Sketch intersecting lines between the end point of the parallel chords  


Step 5: Mark the intersecting point as a center of the circle.