Building a habit is more or less the same process for anything in life. To build it into your daily routine, use a cue and a reinforcement tool before and after reading the newspaper.

It could be something like this: if you're a coffee drinker, when you get your morning coffee, open up a newspaper (if you have a subscription or have access to one) or go straight to a news site or your preference on your phone, laptop, or tablet. The morning coffee would be the cue. Once you've finished reading a few articles, help yourself to a small chocolate bar or something you enjoy eating. The treat at the end would be the reinforcement tool.

During the initial period (2–3 weeks) of habit formation, remind yourself daily and force yourself (even if a bit unnaturally) to follow through with these set of actions. It gets much easier over time and before you realize it you'll feel “normal” reading the paper every morning!

Simple tips,

  1. Start with the topic which you are more interested in ex: sports column, movie column, business column etc.
  2. Read the whole topic instead of going with headline.
  3. Read about district or regional edition as it helps to know more local news happening around you.

Make this your routine for one week.

Gradually include other sections for next week.

Do it regularly just as it is a routine work like brushing your teeth.

Think it is compulsory for you to read newspaper at least 15 minutes daily.

Continue this for one month.

Think of the benefits you would gain by reading the news.

This would make you read the newspaper with a purpose to fulfill which will automatically make this your good habit.