Step 1: Recall the definition of the circumcenter.

            DEFINITION: The circumcenter is the point where the perpendicular bisector of the triangle's sides converge.

Step 2: Draw the bisector to one of the triangle sides.

          NOTE:  Construction of the perpendicular bisector

            Skill 1:  Place the compass at one end of line segment.

            Skill 2: Adjust the compass to slightly longer than half the line segment


            Skill 3: Draw arcs above and below the line.

            Skill 4: Keeping the same compass width, draw arcs from other end of line.


            Skill 5: Place ruler where the arcs cross, and draw the line segment.

Step 3: In the same way construct bisectors to remaining triangle sides.


Step 4:  Conclude that the point where these two perpendiculars intersect is the triangle's circumcenter, the center of the circle we desire.  

    NOTE: This point may lie outside the triangle.


Step 5: Verify that circumcenter by place the compasses' point on the intersection of the perpendiculars and set the compasses' width to one of the vertex. Draw a circle.

          NOTE: The circle drawn is the triangle's circumcircle, the only circle that will

                    pass through all three of its vertices.