Emery Adel Fulgueras

You can graph an equation by turning it into a y=mx+b equation. M is your slope. B is your y-intercept.

Mahesh Godavarti

I am using you are asking about equation of a straight line. I will use an example to explain. Let's say we are trying to graph 2x + 3y = 5.

METHOD 1: Find two points on the line. Set x = 0 to get y = 5/3. Set y = 0 to get x = 5/2. Therefore, the two points are (0, 5/3) and (5/2, 0). Plot these two points and draw a straight line through them.

METHOD 2: Rewrite it in slope-intercept form. y = -2/5 x + 5/3. Plot the intercept which is (0, 5/3) and then move 5 units right and 2 units down (because the slope is -2/5) to find the second point which is (5, -1/3). Draw a line through these two points to get the line.