How is the merchant's navy as a career?

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I have always liked the concept of the navy, and was wondering how the merchant's navy as a career option. I heard that there is a lot of pay involved so wanted to check it out.


I know 2 individuals who are in the merchant navy. From my understanding, the downsides of this career option are:

  • Having to spend extended periods of time away from family and loved ones. At your age, this may seem a non-issue, but imagine raising a young family with only parent being around for most of the year
  • If you have motion sickness, this is not a job for you. I have heard that even cruise ships are not immune from motion sickness. Consider this only if you think you can handle this aspect

You mention that you are considering this because of the pay. Assuming you want the high pay to live a lavish life style.

If this is important for you, I am not sure about the entertainment options abroad the ship while one is on duty. The entertainment options may be limited, thus not allowing you to enjoy the money you make.