Ramanath Parimi

Diffusion is an automatic process where matter moves from high concentration to low concentration area. It is a vital process in both animals and plants for survival. [1]

Coming to plants, it is necessary for the minerals and ions to be carried from the root area i.e., soil to the plant body for growth. So, the root cells are created in such a way that they have enough rate of diffusion to transfer necessary ingredients from the root to the body of the plant.

Also, in photosynthesis, the movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide happens by diffusion. [2]

The oxygen, which gets produced during photosynthesis will be in high amounts in leaves than air. It diffuses to air which is a lower concentration of Oxygen. Similarly, the carbon dioxide which will be in high amounts in air will get diffused into leaves which will be used in photosynthesis process.

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Manomay Shravage

i. It is an essential process in exchange of gases (02 and CO2) during respiration and photosynthesis.

ii. Uptake of minerals is also affected by the process of diffusion.

iii. It helps in removal of excess water by the process of transpiration.

iv. Translocation of organic solutes also takes place by diffusion means.

v. Fragrance of flowers or sweet scent emitted by flowers spread in air by diffusion means attracts insects to materialize pollination.