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Culture refers to the shared values, beliefs and norms of a selected group of individuals. So it's impossible to inform exactly what number of cultures there are within the world because it's harsh to live cultural identities directly. However, some people use languages as a small indicator, and there are 5,000 to 6,000. Some cultures are commencing to dwindle because of globalization spreading different systems and beliefs.

Indian Culture:

"Unity in diversity" - these don't seem to be just words, but something that is highly applicable to a rustic like India that's incredibly rich in culture and heritage.

Actually, it's a difficult task to spot that the actual country has more number of cultures. in order that they have categorized countries into two the terms 'high-' and 'low-context' cultures.

India comes under the high context cultures, high context refers to cultures that rely mainly on non-verbal, implicit communication. They depend on deep personal relationships, context, and traditions to interpret messages. in contrast, low-context cultures tend to possess many short-term relationships, are more individualistic, and wish the whole message to be explicitly conveyed through words.

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