Sindhuja Parimi

Linear equations with two or more variables can be solved by two methods

1.Elimination method

2.substitution method

Elimination method involves multiplying and combining the equations to eliminate the variables.

first you have to arrange your equation ax+by+cz=k in the form.then check out coefficient of x(y or z) are same number thenuse subtraction.If the coefficient of x(y or z) are opposite number then use addition.

If the coefficients are different,multiply one or both to make them the same or opposite numbers then again use addition or subtraction to find the variable.

The below example clarify how to calculate variables by elimination method

Substitution method involves solving one equation into two variables (in three variable equation). Substitute the that equation in thee variable equation then you get a two variable equation.again that can be solved by substitution or elimination.

The below example shows how to calculate variables by substitution method