Vivekanand Vellanki

Well, this is tough. I hope things are better at home now.

It is important to understand why you got bad marks in the exam. Is it because:

  1. You did not study. If this is the case, you should put in more effort in studies.
  2. You studied, but could not write the exam well because you were tense. If this is case, you should talk to your parents about this and request their help in handling the tension before the exam.
  3. You knew everything, but made mistakes. This happens quite often. Perhaps you can make two changes: one is to check your answers; and second is to practise more.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much
Mahesh Godavarti

First, it's a good sign that you are frustrated with your poor performance in math exams. This shows that you care and you want to do well.

One of the main reasons parents get angry is that they feel that their child does not care. However, if you convey to your parents that you truly believe in doing well, but you are unable to then they will help you.

There may be cases, where parents are unreasonable. It happens. I hope that is not the case with your situation. Most parents want the best for their kids and want their kids to do the best they can.