Kavita Raman
Recognize critical points in your academic life and stay focused on them. Persistence, diligence and hard work count for a lot. And, if you don't achieve your immediate goal (e.g. getting into an Ivy, or into medical school), remember that it is not the end of the world. There are many paths to success! Re-assess, re-focus and work towards new (or modified) goals.
Vivekanand Vellanki
I was a student who understood what was been taught in class and did well. This worked as long as I had good teachers. The advice I would give myself is to work extra hard when the teacher is not up to the mark. Due to this approach of mine, I did not understand a few subjects and I had to learn them on my own after I graduated from IIT. Focus on understanding the subject, marks will follow. If the teacher is not good, put in additional effort and ensure that you understand the subject.
Mahesh Godavarti
Don't take your foot off the gas when it matters the most. Taking the foot off at crucial junctions can negate all the hard work you have been putting in prior to that. Just look at the number of times a leader has been nipped to the post just because they defocused at the finish line. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-04-04/missile-misfires-at-australian-swim-titles/5369000 Life is full of deadlines and goals. Missing the deadlines and goals can set you back years. My regret was defocusing at the time of applying to graduate schools in the US. I had all the right credentials, the GPA and the GRE scores. I was lackadaisical with the entire application process. My "Statement of Purpose" was woefully inadequate. It set me back years to reapply and gain admission into a top graduate school for my PhD degree.
George Adams
Education is the key to the door of opportunities. When I was in secondary school (11-16 years old), I didn't take my schooling very seriously and put very little effort into revision and improvement as well as seeking to understand further regarding what I was learning. I also hadn't then worked out an effective revision strategy either (I simply thought that mind-maps were enough; they're an utter waste of time). Looking back, I wish that I spent more time learning from people who were more able than me or had achieved very high grades to find out how they study. Aspire to come first and you'll learn on your own. Aspire to come second and you'll learn from the best.
Mallesh Yadav
Career is important..
Tharun Kumar
I would have never gone to school instead I would have learnt different things like art, music, coding etc. I feel like I have wasted a lot of money and time and cooked my brain to stay in one path. The person who went to school regularly, would work in one profession and person who did not go to school, would catch multiple professions and give jobs to the people who went to school. Even if we see the history the larger quantity of people who went to school end up in a job and people who dropped out came out with flying colors. You are not fed with the data that is need to live the life. Instead we are fed with data which is needed to do a job, killing our life living skills, creativity etc. To conclude learn what you like not you are fed in the school. Live happily and love everyone. Chief Design Officer, Hita Informatics.