I'm looking to pursue an job opportunity towards public health.

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I want to help people, specifically families, to live a healthier lifestyle, but I am unsure of where to look for jobs that relate to public health when I don't have masters in Public Health. I currently only have a bachelor's degree. Do you have any suggestions to where to look?
Kavita Raman

Hello, what do you have a bachelor's in? It will help to have a degree in biology or a related field. Have you considered an internship at medical foundations or universities. E.g. Kaiser, PAMF, UCSF or Stanford (I am assuming you are based in the US).

A master's in public health (MPH) maybe the next logical step. Some universities even offer online MPH courses.

Mahesh Godavarti

Have you looked at Public Health Institute?


Also, consider looking for internships in non-profit and community service organizations focused on public health.