Yes, India is the one and only place lions and tigers live together because India gives a diverse ecosystem over its giant area.

Lions and tigers are geographically isolated from one another. Lion's natural territory is grasslands and tigers habitat is jungles. Since India has each grassland and forests. You can see grasslands in Gujrat and parts of Rajasthan and forest in the northern and eastern section of India.

In India, there is a place known as Gir forest the place both the tigers and lions share overlapping habitats. The region of Gir woodland is about 3000 square miles. The area is no longer undeniable but instead, it includes hills as well. The location is a habitat of extraordinary types of species consists of deer, blue bulls, leopards, and other antelopes. Therefore, the area appears like actual heaven for the carnivores. If this location guaranteed a population boom for each lion and tigers, then territory overlap, as properly as wild lions and wild tigers possibility will be very an awful lot within the scenario.

However, the lions and tigers' populace is reducing dramatically due to the searching and large-scale poaching, they disappeared. The Nawab of Junagadh in Gujarat, India, was once the first to apprehend this and he prohibited looking in the Gir woodland of Gujarat and took appropriate steps for its protection. The Indian govt had shaped the National Tiger Conservation Authority(NTCA) below “Project Tiger” to save the declining Tiger population.

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