We love our dogs because they're loyal to us, they listen to us, and it seems like they understand us. But as it turns out, dogs can be outperformed on IQ tests by an animal we typically consider food: pigs.

Pigs get higher scores than dogs on many cognitive ability tests, and they can compete with animals that we generally consider to be the most intelligent: elephants, dolphins, and chimpanzees.

Several studies have concluded that pigs excel at tests of long term memory, mazes, and puzzles. A pig named Moritz was recently filmed putting the correct pieces into a pig puzzle.

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Ramanath Parimi

Please don't look at life like this.

Every creature is smart in its own way and has intelligence supporting its own survival. Pigs and Dogs both are equally capable to live on this plant as we are.

That being said, dogs are more human friendly. They are loyal and trainable. They understand human emotions, expressions better so they are better companions for humans in that way. If you have a dog, he will love you if you took a little care for him and invests his energy more upon you and showers you with enormous attention in return. That is the most precious gift one could ever have. You can count on it.

Pigs are a different case in this regard. They are also capable of love and can be looked after. There are people who pet pigs in their homes as well.

When it comes to life, both can be joyful and are valuable. Being smart is not a scale here.