Sangeetha Pulapaka

Throughout the times, since the first revelation of the Bermuda Triangle incident, a mystery has been attached with the mysterious section of the Atlantic Ocean, known as the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle. And since then, researchers and analysts have been trying to dissect each happening to find a more believable cause. But what is more believable; the many scientific and logical facts that have indeed surfaced up till now or the mysterious findings that (let’s face it) a part of us always wants to indulge in.

Since the history of mankind, people have been telling each other stories – stories of mysterious beings, happenings and myths. And indeed, though we are not ready to believe all of it, we still listen to them with great interest and pass them on to the next generation. Therefore man has always been a sucker for stories and the more interesting and thought provoking they are the better


  • The first of the Bermuda Triangle Mystery to be ever talked about was the incident involving Flight 19. However another incident had already taken place many years prior to that which involved the US Navy Ship, the USS Cyclops and its 309 members which had just vanished from the surface of the ocean. It was not talked about a lot because of two main reasons – two of its sister ships had already vanished in the post war era and all three had been carrying big loads of metallic ore; and secondly, the region of the Bermuda Triangle could not have been singled out because of one incident. After the revelation of other “strange happenings”, sinister explanations of the USS Cyclops also surfaced involving UFO’s and devilish activities.

  • Flight 19 was a group of 5 US Avenger bombers that were out on their training flight. The original area that they had to cover was a triangular region into the sea including the areas of Hens and Chicken Shoals, Bahamas and then back. However like most finding regarding other incidents, the compass of the flight started to malfunction, which is why the leader of the group who was a trained pilot lost his way; as opposed to what was in the Bermuda Triangle myths that no record of them was ever found and they vanished suddenly in that region, is not true. There are several recordings of how the flight captain was commuting back and forth with the base tower. On several points the captain, Lt. Charles Taylor reported that since his compass was not working, he had lost his way; this is the reason he kept flying and so did the trainee pilots until they probably got low on fuel and dropped. However no wreckage or body was every found anywhere. One of the two aircrafts that went looking for them, also never returned.


The Tudor Star Tiger, Flight DC-3, Flight 441, C-54 Skymaster and more have vanished strangely in the region of The Bermuda Triangle and the two things common between them is the fact that all of these had disappeared off the grid suddenly when in this region and that no trace was found of them. These two facts are well supported by enough evidence; however the exact cause still remains unknown. Following are some logical scientific explanations that scientists have provided that could explain the “strange happenings.”

  •  “Magnetic variations” is a common phenomenon that exists in many regions where the compass gets “confused.” The compass north and the earth’s geographical north are only same in certain regions and this can explain the compass malfunction and therefore the compass’s craziness is not caused by the technological remains of the lost Atlantic continent deep within the ocean.
  • Harsh weather conditions which are common to such oceanic regions did exist in certain incidents which were overlooked when citing the happenings. Similarly a rogue wave could have been the reason of disappearance of many ships.
  • The Gulf Stream is one of the oceanic currents that are found in large bodies of water and they can be very powerful, similar to the river currents. If any flight had exploded in the air, the debris could have been easily carried to far distances.
  • The presence of methane hydrates can explain methane gas explosions. The methane bubbles can indeed disturb the density of the water surface, causing even the sinking of large ships. In fact, even air crafts flying in to the bubble can be sucked deep in the ocean

In conclusion, yes more number of ships sink in the bermuda triangle, but this is not because of  supernatural elements.

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