Step 1: Measure each side of the Three sides of the triangle using a ruler. or Note down the readings.

Step 2: Recall  the classification of triangles by their sides.

            NOTE: Classify triangles by their sides only (equilateral, isosceles, scalene)

Step 3: Determine how the 3 sides compare in length. 

        NOTE: Inspect to see if some lines are longer than others in length and if any of the lines are equal in length.

Step 4: Place the triangle into a category based on the comparison that you concluded about 3 line segment lengths of the shape.

  • NOTE: A triangle with at least 2 congruent, equal, sides falls into the category of isosceles.
  • A triangle with all 3 congruent sides will be classified as equilateral.
  • A triangle with no congruent sides is labeled as scalene.

       EXAMPLE: The given triangle has three equal side so, it is a Equilateral  triangle. It is not a scalene triangle